8 Nov 2018: Are You REALLY Ready for Change? Where We Can Start…

November 8, 2018

At the very 3D level, during the week of the US Election Day, many of us are scratching our heads, saying, "So, there's a little change... but I envision far more... how do we do this?"

At the not-so-3D level, we're asking, "How do we facilitate faster shifting of our consciousness to anchor in to the higher vibrational Earth? When do we 'meet up' with the Star Beings/____________?"  

The answer's the same for both... simple to say, and yet (as many practices are), a constant practice of consciousness and re-habituation to really facilitate such change. What is it? Listen and consider... 


1 Nov 2018: One of the MOST Important Things on Our Awakened Spiritual Journey

November 1, 2018

A note about what simple thing that makes ALL the difference on our enlightenment, realization, remembrance - whatever you want to call it - yet one of the most challenging things for us to live. Some reflection from conversations and an insight from my recent visit to Peru...

Glad to be getting back "on the air" after an extended hiatus from "public sharing"... I've been active in smaller, more personal groups, and guidance is now to start "getting out there" again. SO JOIN ME to talk about this amazing journey of Remembrance while Living the Shift! This will be a weekly podcast posted every Thursday morning at 9am ET.